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Best diabetes apps for 2016

With more than four million people in the UK living with diabetes, there are now some apps on the market that can be downloaded to your smartphone or smartwatch to enable you to develop an easier routine in order to track and better manage your condition.


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Blood sugar

Being able to monitor and track the levels of sugar in your blood is the main priority for someone living with diabetes, whether an adult or a child. With the rate that technology is advancing all the time, there is a plethora of apps and accessories available to simply give you a higher quality monitoring. You accurately record what you eat and, if blood sugar drops, you’ll get an alert giving you plenty of time to address it before it ends up an issue.

The Glucose Monitor by Dexcom is one such app. Developed through clinical trial services, this app has been responsible for saving the life of thousands of people across the UK. This particular app is great if you have children with diabetes, as you are also able to monitor blood sugar levels remotely through the ‘share’ function of the app. So, how does it work?

Glucose Meter

By recording the amount of carbohydrates being consumed, the Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) function of the app automatically shows you how much insulin is to be given. Blood sugars are then monitored through the Continuous Glucose Monitor, which is updated every five minutes, providing real-time results and alerts if anything is going wrong.

For those living with Types 1 and 2 diabetes, mySugr Logbook and mySugr Pro also enable you to track important data. and will provide you with challenges to complete in order to develop some really constructive feedback to be used in future developments. Other apps also include the well known Accu Chek Avivia and Performa Connect, with more being developed all the time with the assistance of clinical trials – http://www.gandlscientific.com/clinical-trial-services/. There is also specific information for those UK-based diabetes sufferers –https://www.diabetes.org.uk/How_we_help/Diabetes-UK-apps/.

These apps make recording meals, medications and activity so much easier, with a simple to use personal log screen where you can add this information. By recording this information, these apps can analyse your food, blood sugars and exercise, as regularly as you want, providing you with an insight into your condition and how best to manage it.

How To Watch Internet Tv On Your Computer and Facts Behind Internet Tv

So what’s Internet television, and how do you get to view it? Essentially it comprises a selection of usually pre recorded shows or live news streams which are selectable through the user, using either country or category like a search phrase. Internet tv encapsulates many forms of online streams including iptv, catch up television, video on demand and p2p streaming, hosted streams and bittorrents, however the distinction is that internet television is free of charge to observe wherever you are worldwide.

IPTV is usually offered as a paid service by cable and telephone companies and requiring a set top box connected to your television.

Catch up TV – Most of the major network companies offer a catchup tv service. In effect, you can watch any of the previous 7 days televised shows anytime you wish by logging onto their website and possibly downloading a tv player application. The disadvantage of this service is that the service is geo targetted (You can only watch BBC catch up tv if you reside in the UK and only watch Fox shows if you are a resident of the USA). The websites check your IP address
when you load the site and either allow or disallow you to view based on your location.

Video on demand or VOD – This generally refers to paid for services and usually applies to movies. Netflix, Blockbuster and Amazon are just a few of the companies that offer this service. Just login to the site, pay a fee and get to watch the movie.

P2P Streaming – Watching streams from a network of users. You need to download a software application to view and the speed of the stream depends on the number of suppliers of the stream against the number of viewers. Generally used to view pirated and or unauthorised content without the permission of the owner.

Hosted streams – These streams available on many websites usually comprise of movies or TV episodes and are always illegally broadcast. The streams are hosted in other countries such as China to circumnavigate any prosecutions. However the websites that link to them are occasionally shut down. An example is the website TVlinks.co.uk which was shut down in a high profile case recently. The illegality of just linking to these streams is however in question and no real prosecutions of note have ever been completed. The other downside to these streams is that sites linking to them are usually full of popup ads and zango installs that can then infect your PC.

Bittorrents – Similar to P2P downloading. Using bittorrents involves downloading the whole movie or TV show stream to your PC harddrive for watching at your leisure. Again the streams are generally not authorised, the streams quality is usually questionable and the downloading can take several hours to complete.

Internet TV facts

Internet TV streams continously or during a set period of hours daily. Users with the correct media player can request to view a live feed and start viewing the internet tv stream. This method of free tv has been in use for years with traditional TV broadcasting. So anyone wanting to watch TV and having a fast enough broadband setup can watch free internet tv from anywhere in the world.

There are lots of Internet television portals/websites available online, all having media viewers built into the site.There is a downside to all this free content though, Firstly it is supported by advertising and because there is no cost, you will not be watching any premium content or latest hit tv shows anytime soon.

The interesting thing about internet tv is that anyone can create their own TV station. So the variety (but maybe not the quality) will grow and grow. Free citizen media TV has been widely shown across the world by both local and independent television channels targeting a niche audience.