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Hide Your Ip Address And Protect Yourself Against Spyware And Hackers

Your computer’s IP address is it’s unique identification online. Whenever your computer communicates with another computer it shares it’s IP address. Often your computer retains the same IP address day after day, for months at a time. A good deal of your activity becomes easy for other computers to log and monitor.

Identity thieves can use your IP address to monitor what you do on the web. They can even intercept financial information, including logon IDs and passwords. Since identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes, it is only prudent to take steps to prevent online monitoring of your activities. Hiding your IP address is one way to thwart identity thieves, spyware and hackers.

The typical way to hide your IP address from other sites is to use proxy servers. Proxy servers are, essentially, intermediate servers that exist between your computer and the computer at the receiving end of you message. That computer at the receiving end of your message sees your message coming from the proxy server, not your computer. Thus, your computer’s IP address is hidden.

As well as helping to thwart identity thieves, proxy servers also hide your real IP address from forums, blogs or other services that track your IP address. If you have been blocked by one of these services, hiding your IP address by using a proxy server could be the only way you can regain access.

There are free proxy servers and well as paid proxy servers. There are several software programs you can use to hunt for free proxy servers. These programs will test the proxy servers to see if they are currently functioning and how quickly they can retransmit your communications. However, you should know that some free proxy servers may be operated by identity thieves who are actually monitoring your activities while pretending to be performing a useful service.

It is usually safer to opt for a recognized and trusted service that has been in business for a number of years. Some of these services will allow you to browse the Internet for free, while others charge for browsing.

Most of the free services will have difficulty working with some or many computer programs. So, if you communicate to your bank or other financial institution through an application that runs on your PC or use any other software program that accesses the Internet, you may want to use a paid service. These services usually charge a monthly fee to help support a number of fast servers with high bandwidth connections to the Internet.

Most paid services allow you change your IP address periodically. Some allow you to log out and log back in to their service to change your IP address. Other services provide you a single IP address for an entire day.

Whatever the preferred method you use to hide your IP address, you will be using the Internet more securely and with less fear of identity thieves, spyware and hackers. Happy, safe and secure surfing.

Reasons To Hide Your Ip Address

Hiding your IP address is the best way for surfing the net anonymously. IP address is the Internet protocol address. This is the unique address of a computer on the Internet. The IP address consists of four numbers divided by periods. These numbers indicate the domain, the subnetwork, the network and the host computer. Each IP address mostly has an equivalent domain name address, spelled with four letters. It is very important to hide your IP address online. Hiding your IP address online ensures that your personal information is not leaked out to the outsiders.

By installing software in your PC, you can hide your IP address. Anonymous surfing of the web will enable you to safeguard your Internet privacy. There is nothing illegal in hiding your IP address, for the proper reasons. If you have any doubt regarding this you can always consult your legal advisor. The legal advisor can guide you about the matter.

An IP address changer can help you change your IP address when you are surfing online. The tools of IP address changer will let you change your IP address anytime by routing your Internet traffic through an overseas server. The tool has drop down box that enables the user to choose an IP address from one of the countries mentioned in the box. Hiding your IP address is the best option to protect your self from any kind of fraud.

Hiding your IP address also enables you to protect your computer from spyware. Spyware is the software that monitors the activities of the user of a computer. Some webmasters and software producers offer free downloads for your computer. Most of the free downloads are embedded with spyware. After you complete the download, the spyware gets installed in your computer and your activities can be monitored.

Hiding your IP address also gives you freedom from the constantly bombarding pop up ads in your computer. Whenever you enter a website, you will be flooded by the pop up ads. Constant flooding of the pop up ads in the computer can be very irritating and disturbing for the user. The efficiency of the computer also gets diminished due to this. Your computer can stop functioning when you have an urgent piece of work to do. Hiding your IP address will protect you from such situation.

The main advantage of hiding your IP address is that you are protected from any website that wants to monitor your online habits and activities. Hiding the IP address also makes sure that you do not receive any junk or bulk emails in your inbox. Good software for hiding your IP address will keep your computer safe from the hackers. If the software has the ability to support frequent IP address change, the chances of protecting your privacy increases.

You can also use the web-based email to send anonymous email to people. This can sometimes be necessary for your work. Your IP address is meant for your personal use and nobody has the right to misuse this without your permission.

Teamviewer Helpful In Remote Computer Sharing

This is a useful and excellent application for screen sharing and files transfer and is helps in facilitating business collaboration, remote access to another computer, and help to the computer users with their faulty computer in diagnosing and fixing the problems with the help of remote computer support provider. It provides some tools by which you can connect with another computer in a secured way and transfer files with ease. The users also have the control access right with the help of a flip. It provides a dropdown toolbar in the center of the application window which has some smart options that can be utilized for more features. If the user wants disconnect the wireless connection, he/she just has to press the close button and the session will end and the action buttons present there allow the users in switching control, disabling remote input & remote rebooting. A menu called View hides the options used in adjusting screen resolution; speed and quality optimization & multi monitor displays. The new features include VoIP based audio, video conferencing and the integrated teleconferencing. These features of TeamViewer work without needing reconfiguration of firewall.

When you install this software and run it to login, you will be provided with a unique identity and a password. Sharing files or desktop using this application allows your system to be remotely controlled by the way you have specified. These levels are remote support, file transfer, presentation or virtual private network [VPN]. The servers of TeamViewer know to which system you have connected so it speeds up the process of reconnection to the lastly shared computers. The application is also available in web based version, useful in remotely connecting to a home computer from any internet enables public computer. Installing this application is very easy where the users have the option of toggling the admin rights, opting out of startup and option of installing the softwares VPN driver for more security in screen sharing. TeamViewer is so important that it helps in making screen sharing & file sharing as smooth as it has to be and this is considered to be a must have for the people who need to share or transfer files between many computers remotely.

TeamViewer can be installed on almost all computer operating systems like Windows with all versions, Linux, Mac or even an iPhone with all versions so that you can be provided online tech support irrespective of where, how and at what time you are connected. The best part of this application is that TeamView takes very less time in its setup and you do not require worrying of the IP address, Firewall or any other thing which always provide hurdle to the remote connection. To install it, you need to visit its website www.TeamViewer.com and download this application. Iphone users need to search the app stores for the software. You can also opt out of installing this application and use it by clicking on run while downloading to use the application once. After you end the session, the application will be automatically removed from the system and you need to again run it from the download option. This is a great feature for the security conscious people.