Security with surveillance cameras

Actually, what are the functions of surveillance cameras, known as CCTV?
Since its launch into the public sphere, the main function of the CCTV is to improve security. Talk about security certainly has a close connection with the prevention or crime. How might crime can be prevented by CCTV? CCTV images show while simultaneously recording live. That is, an image taken by a surveillance camera and a monitor is displayed through an act or action is going on. For instance, someone trying to steal a motorcycle parked in the yard the store. The action is recorded by a surveillance camera, and then action can be immediately thwarted by officers who saw it from the monitor. If it can’t directly thwart, at least its theft was recorded by a CCTV camera so that it can be used as evidence in the report to the police and the perpetrators can be immediately arrested.

Increased security needs to be carried out in various places, both public spaces and private homes. It is very necessary in view of the crime does not recognize the place and time, meaning that can happen anywhere and anytime. Therefore, everyone is required to always be vigilant everywhere. However, since everyone has a point guard, so it has the potential to become a victim of crime. To anticipate the unguarded point, we need the help of surveillance equipment such as CCTV cameras were ready to capture and record images corresponding range for 24 hours. Even technologies such as video intercom systems are already widely used. How it works similar video intercom almost the same as cctv coupled with the phone’s features composed of two panels located on the front and inside of the room. Each panel is connected by two wires. The sound will be captured by the microphone and transmitted through the strands of copper wires to get to the microphone. While the pictures are taken by cameras and transformed through the intercom components to be displayed to the screen