My Dad Gave Me an Old Mac

I really can not complain, since the old PC I had died about a month ago. My Dad tried to act like it was my fault, but it was old when he gave it to me and I have had it for about four and a half years. The thing could be fixed, but it is not really worth the effort. He got me an old Mac his boss had, I did not even know how to teke screenshot on Mac when I got it and I had to put a new hard drive in it. Obviously his boss is not naive enough to leave the hard drive he used in it. I am not an expert on that sort of thing, but you can not really take the chance on whether or not I can find out what all of his passwords and such are. It is almost impossible to leave a hard drive in working order and still conceal all of the stuff that is on it. In fact you can usually steal an identity off of it.

At any rate I am trying to figure out all of the new stuff that you can supposedly do on this computer that you can not do on a PC. They claim that they are safer to use, but the truth is that no one really cares enough to hack Apple computers in comparison to PC’s. There are just too many users for them to attack that are using the Windows. It is a big deal to me, since I am working on learning how to program. Of course the obvious thing is to learn how to program on mobile devices, since that is the way that everything is headed in the near future. No one is buying computers now.