How To Find Downloads To Make Your Computer Perform Better

Downloads to make your computer fun faster can be found online, many of them are free. We all get annoyed when our computer operates slower than snails sliding in molasses; this makes free downloads tempting. Before you click the mouse and download software there are many things you need to consider. One of the most important would be to be sure the software in consideration is being downloaded from a trusting site.

There are many devious software programmers out there that are adding spy ware and other malicious content to these free downloads. This is where the clicker needs to beware; just one click of the mouse can wipe out your computer. The free download is no longer free when a technician has to be hired to reprogram your computer.

Before downloading any programs it is wise to run an anti-virus scan on them and a healthy dose of research on the particular program would not hurt either. Some of the programs that sound too good to be true are a dead giveaway for being the ones you may want to steer clear of.

Often we think that our computer needs another program to make it run faster, like it did before it became slow. Here is something to think about, it ran faster before so there may be a reason to this slowness. Often we overlook computer maintenance and cause our systems to slow and even freeze.

Going through your computer and deleting old files, fragmenting files and installing any overdue updates is one of the first things to do. Windows updates for example will definitely help the whole system run faster, so if updates are not done regularly your computer can slow down. Once the system maintenance is performed there are a few other things to do before downloading any software.

When internet browsing is done a computer stores cookies, and cookies can contain spy-ware that will assist spammers in what they do best. It is wise to delete all cookies from the internet history and while we are on that subject, find a decent anti-spy ware software program that will keep the malicious spy ware from slowing your computer down.

Another important thing to consider is the internet browser you are using to surf the web with. Some browsers are better than others and offer a faster surfing experience. Here is a good rule of thumb for choosing a browser, if you have never heard of them, avoid them unless you can verify their worthiness.

If you are going to be online it will serve you well to learn a bit about the best methods of keeping your computer up to date, virus and spy ware free. Downloads to make your computer faster should be used with caution, and be proven to be trustworthy before clicking your mouse. And remember the old saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

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