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Benefits and advantages Drone

Drone is the best solution regarding on time, field observations were taken to an area and about the costs. Aka drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is the technology of unmanned aircraft by remote control using a pilot with the laws of aerodynamics. During its development, the drone is widely used for civil society activities such as monitoring of agricultural area, fire area, to study. Results of observations obtained from drones’ usually reprocessed using software such as UAV Mapping so that the results can be adjusted as needed.
Drones can answer the difficulties of accessibility in the field, including issues that are less detailed satellite imagery. The level of detail of satellite images is 15 x 15 meters, while the drone is capable of producing 2 centimeters per pixel observations, satellite imagery addition shortcomings are easily distracted by the clouds, can be overcome by using drones, because the drones fly below the clouds. Therefore, the advantages drone from satellite imagery that results in more detail, the cloud does not become an obstacle, and the price is much cheaper and certainly more practical.
Drone that we know is made of two materials Styrofoam or wood, and there are two types of shape, multicopter and fixed wings. Of the two types have different characteristics in their utilization. Model fixed wings more been selected for observation because lighter and saving battery power while relying multicoper lifting force of propeller, very wasteful batteries, generally only able to fly a maximum of 20 minutes. Type drones are made of Styrofoam able to fly more than an hour because of light.
After becoming a pioneer for the mapping using unmanned aerial drones alias now, drones developed for agriculture, Thailand and Australia were tested using these technologies to detect nutritional deficiencies, pests, diseases and even the presence of weeds in farmland. Drone is expected to be the ‘eyes’ of farmers. Thousands of hectares of rice fields can be controlled with this technology. In Europe the use of drones to help farmers detect health grape plants in the garden. Wineries wide area causing drone technology to be very practical and efficient.