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Magnet influence on smartphones

magnet-phoneMagnet is believed to have a bad effect on most electronic devices. If you put a magnet near a television legacy, the image may be distorted. Fortunately, television technology now can prevent it. And what about the effect it has on a smartphone?

“Most magnet is sold in the market or even a super strong, will not have adverse effects on your smartphone,” argued Matt Newby of first4magnets.

In fact, there are actually several components in smartphones that use magnets. For example in Apple Watch Latest using magnetic inductive wireless charging system.

But do not be happy first, magnets did in fact have an impact on your smartphone, although the effect is not large. “The problem may affect the magnet magnetic sensors in mobile phones, the impact of navigation applications can be chaotic,” said Matt.

As is known, navigation applications, such as Google Maps on Smartphones using satellite signals instead of using the power geomangnetic. Similarly, as quoted from Digital Trends, Wednesday (05/11/2016).

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